AltraBody Wagon Wheel 20kg Pair [PRE-ORDER] - Premier Fitness Supply
AltraBody Wagon Wheel 20kg Pair [PRE-ORDER] - Premier Fitness Supply

AltraBody Wagon Wheel 20kg Pair [PRE-ORDER]

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The Wagon Wheel from AltraBody is an oversized speciality plate designed for lifters to easily set up partial range-of-motion deadlifts i.e block pulls, as well as take the hassle out of loading and unloading weight plates on the barbell.

Each wheel weighs 20kg and measures 660mm in diameter which is designed to replicate the same elevated setting on 4" (approximately 10cm) pulling blocks. This is the ideal height positioning for partial deadlifts, making it optimal for taller athletes, those dealing with lower back or knee issues, or any powerlifters looking to work on their lockout.

Sold in pairs.


  • Make it easier to get into a proper deadlift position
  • Helps to maintain a neutral spine
  • Great for overloading deadlifts
  • Great for teaching beginners proper deadlift technique
  • Can be used with mats for incremental height adjustments
  • Makes it easy to load and unload additional weight plates plates
  • 50cm hole diameter means it can be stored together with other plates


  • Product weight: 20kg per wheel
  • Diameter: 660mm
  • Hole diameter: 50mm
  • Width: 48mm
  • Thick laser-cut steel
  • Laser-cut AltraBody logo
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Application: Powerlifting - Block pull deadlifts, floor press
  • Plate type: Specialty

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