Client Case Study: Custom-Made Jungle Gym

Custom-Designed 6-Station Jungle Gym
A specialized client required a custom-made multi-pulley station that would be able to fit into their new allocated space.
They required a stand-alone Jungle Gym with an empty rear long side so that it could sit against a wall without obstruction.
They were unable to find such an option elsewhere, and that's where we came in...
We partnered with our friends at AltraBody USA and came up with a tailor-made solution to meet the client's exact requirements and added additional weight to each stack to cater to their clientele of ridiculously-strong Powerlifters.
This custom-built piece is made with industrial-grade 11-guage carbon steel with a premium gloss black finish featuring:
  • x1 Seated Row 120kg weight stack
  • x1 Lat Pull Down with adjustable leg brace 120kg weight stack
  • x4 single station adjustable-height cable pulleys - includes centre cable cross-over station (x4 120kg weight stacks)
  • x1 Premium rubber-coated pull up bar
  • Rear side exposed to fit against wall
  • Attachments included
Need a custom-built solution for your gym/studio too? Get in touch with our team of professionals at 📧 for a tailored service!

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